Summer Days in Canada

It’s hard to believe we’ve already been in Canada for almost four weeks. We’ve all transitioned back to life on this side of the world. Here’s what we’ve been up to:

The Boys…

Caleb and Micah did remarkably well on the long journey home and even slept a bit. Their favourite parts (and our lifesavers!) were their individual TV screens (building ‘towers’ on Tetris was a hit) and the indoor playground in the Heathrow airport. They’ve been enjoying being back at the kids program at our church. The comment the first week was “that was really short!”, not at all like our long services in Macha. Another favourite comment I overheard was, “Micah, we’re not in Zambia. You need to flush the toilet!” A week of swimming lessons got them comfortable in the water again. We’ve been swimming as much as possible as that’s not something we do much of in Zambia. We also got to visit their kindergarten class where they answered questions about life in Zambia and played outside with their friends. The highlight for them has definitely been two trips to Grandma and Grandpa’s farm where they love running around, riding tractors and helping out with chores. This week they are doing a kids camp at a local church in the mornings to bring a little routine to their lives. They seem excited about the idea of a brother or sister joining the family soon. A few days ago they helped Daddy install the car seat, did some cleaning and practiced their rocking skills. I can’t wait to watch them become big brothers!

The Grown-Ups…

Joel and I have been enjoying time with family, reconnecting with friends and eating way too much food. I think I’ve enjoyed mint chocolate in every possible form. It’s been nice to have a few dates out of the house as well. I’ve been having weekly appointments with my OB and an ultrasound showed that the baby is looking healthy and on track. I’m now well over 38 weeks so ready any day to meet our little one. It’s hard to be patient and I’m hoping I don’t go too long so I can attempt a VBAC but I know it’s out of my control. Quality family time and lots of rest is the order for these final days, however many there are. I still can’t quite believe this is happening. We look forward to sharing the news when our Zambino arrives!


Working at the farm


And a little play!



Visiting their kindergarten class



Loving the water



Four, soon to be five!


Ready for our surprise!


One thought on “Summer Days in Canada

  1. Julianne and Joel…………….I am Jamie’s Aunt Jean in Pittsburgh. His dad is my brother. I am thrilled to be receiving your posts as well as his. Your blogs and

    pictures are wonderful and much appreciated. I am eager to hear about your new Zambino and the boys’ reaction to him/her. Best wishes and love. Aunt Jean

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