Canada Bound: T minus 2 weeks

Two weeks from now we will be on Canadian soil. It feels like time has flown since we’ve made the decision to come back for the birth of Zambino. We finally told the boys about our plans this past weekend. When asked what they are most looking forward to, tractor rides at the farm and going to “Old McDonald’s” topped the list (yep, it’s great parenting when a fast-food restaurant is a top priority, but I’ll be honest, I’m looking forward to it too!).

I have one week left of teaching and am trying my best to stay plugged in, despite being sick and not sleeping well these days. The boys are continuing to enjoy school and life on campus and I pray they will adapt well to Canadian life. Joel has been incredible taking on pretty much all the duties of domestic life and allowing me to rest as much as possible. We are grateful for my parents who are opening up their home to us for the summer. It’ll be nice to have a comfortable place to bring our baby home to while someone else is living in ours.

I’ll be honest, there’s a bit of dread with the thought of 33 hours of travel being almost 35 weeks pregnant with two kids. I don’t really sleep on planes and am often uncomfortable on the best of days.  We are hoping the boys will sleep on the long flight to London. Micah was the only one who managed any last time. Here’s our general itinerary for those interested…

June 10 – Say goodbye to MICS and travel to Livingstone with the Sanfilippo family, stay overnight
June 11 – Fly Livinsgstone to Johannesburg, overnight flight to London (6-hour layovers in each airport)
June 12 – London to Toronto

There are a few things we are looking for that will make our lives a little easier when we are back on Canadian soil. If you can help us out in any way, please get in touch…
1. A cellphone for Joel to borrow. We’d prefer he has a way to be connected to his wife that could go into labour at any point 🙂
2. A vehicle. We no longer own any vehicles and while we will sometimes be able to borrow from family, it would be nice to have or own to get around. If you are going away at all and will be leaving one at home that you don’t mind lending to us for any period of time, please let us know.

With one Facebook post I was able to get almost all of the baby items we need since we passed all of ours on to prepare to move. I’m thankful for the generosity of so many friends so we won’t have to lug too many things back across the world.

Thanks for your thoughts and prayers as we finish up at MICS in the next week or so. This feels like home and while we are excited to return in a few months, we look forward to being back in our other home for awhile. And most importantly we can’t wait to meet our newest family member. See you soon Canada!


3 thoughts on “Canada Bound: T minus 2 weeks

  1. Wishing you a nice flight back tomorrow! We also have some baby items that you’re welcome to use. If you need anything else just let me know. Looking forward to seeing you and the boys at swimming lessons =) Smooth travels!

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