Every now and then, the Percy family likes to mix it up.  So in early 2015 we are saying goodbye to life as we know it in Canada and heading off on an adventure.  For the next three years we will be volunteering at Macha International Christian School (MICS) in Zambia.  Goodbye to high speed internet, dozens of restaurants within walking distance, and running water that always works.  Hello to the joys and challenges of life in rural Zambia, to a night sky with more stars than you have ever seen in your life, and to kids that will melt your heart with their smile.

Julianne is a primary school teacher who specializes in English as a Second Language (ESL).  She is developing an ESL program at MICS for students who need extra support with their language skills.  Julianne has had a heart for kids in Africa since she was a little girl, and made it pretty clear to any boy who was interested in dating her that he had better be willing to move to Africa.

Joel is a marketing professional who loves writing and photography.  He spent the last few years as part of the team that built this, which he thinks is the coolest rewards program in the world.   At MICS he is focused on strategy, communications and fundraising.  Joel fell in love with Julianne when they met at The Meeting House, and they were married in 2005.  He was willing to move to Africa.

Micah and Caleb are four years old and are students at MICS.  Micah is an adventurer, a thinker, and a clown.  He enjoys beating his parents at Snakes and Ladders, learning about numbers that are bigger than a million, and building Lego ships.  Caleb is an artist and a musician with a quiet soul and a deep love for people.  He likes playing his guitar, drawing, and leading church services for his stuffed animals.


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