To my Zambino on your due date

My little Zambino,

Today is your due date. I can’t believe we have made it this far together! To be honest, I thought we would have met you by now. Maybe it’s because your brothers had already been around for two weeks at this point. Or maybe it’s because our whole purpose of coming to this side of the world has been for your arrival so we’ve been extra focused on it. I’m not going to lie, these final days have been tough. Yesterday was especially hard. I cried a lot but I think I needed to. That’s one thing I hope to teach you…to give yourself permission to feel what you feel, whether it’s sadness, frustration, disappointment, fear… I find the fastest way out of the hard places is to let yourself be in them for awhile. Then when you’re ready to move on, gratitude is a great way to climb out little by little.

Yes, the waiting is hard, but do you know what I’m thankful for today? I’m thankful that I even have the chance to be waiting for you. To be honest, Daddy and I thought we’d be waiting an eternity for you. We had given up on the idea that you were ever coming. It was hard and we were sad but we accepted it. Then, just as we were about to make the biggest move of our lives, we got the biggest surprise of our lives. You were on the way! And do you know what? I still really can’t believe it. I can’t believe that in a matter of hours, days or (dare I say it), weeks, you will be joining our crazy little family and it will never be the same.

You have two amazing brothers who are so excited to meet you. I grew up with two big brothers so I know what a treat you’re in for, and that you better be prepared to have a few wrestling moves practiced on you. But they will love you and want to protect you and it’s pretty great. I also know that you have a community of family and friends on two sides of the world that are  eager to meet you and ready to love you. And I know most important of all, you have a Creator who will love you better than we ever can but will help us do our best and give us grace when we fail. I am incredibly grateful to Him for the extra special gift He’s given us in you.

So my Zambino, you come when you’re ready. The how and the when is out of my control and I’m okay with that. What matters is you’re coming and that’s more that I could ever ask for. You are absolutely worth the wait. I love you so much already!

Mommy xo

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Waiting for you!


5 thoughts on “To my Zambino on your due date

  1. I love this post Huli. I love your honesty and your wisdom. You’re a great mom, and Zambino is a lucky little one! Thinking of you often these days. Love ya…

  2. I also love this post and I still can’t believe you are having a baby! Life is a wonderful ride and full of surprise! XO

  3. Julianne, you are a brave soul, and I admire you! I do hope we can meet someday. God bless you and your little Zambino, and I will pray for a smooth and uneventful delivery. God be with you!
    Eileen Sanfilippo

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