MICS 10th Anniversary

This year MICS is celebrating its 10th anniversary. From humble beginnings with a single Grade One class that used to meet under a tree, to a thriving school of over 180 students, it has been quite a ride. To celebrate how far the school has come, we recently held a 10th Anniversary celebration for students, parents, and members of the community. With games, music, an open house for parents, and of course food, it was a truly wonderful day. Here are some photos from the day…

10th Anniversary_03

Pushing for the finish line in the potato sack race.

10th Anniversary_06

Laying it all on the line in the tug of war.

10th Anniversary_16

Getting the goalkeeper ready for the soccer challenge.

10th Anniversary_18

Taking aim at the “catapult” station.

10th Anniversary_21

Parents watch a presentation showcasing ten years of memories at MICS.

10th Anniversary_23

School Director and founder, Ronda Krause, shares about God’s faithfulness over the years.

10th Anniversary_26

Parents discuss student progress with Ms. Mweene at the Open House.


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