But Africa isn’t cold!

It’s easy to forget that it’s summer back home. Cold season is upon us in full force on this side of the world. People laugh when I say that. They don’t believe it can be that cold, but trust me, it is!

Joel and I learned our lesson when we lived in Zimbabwe almost a decade ago. Concrete floors and no insulation mean even a drop in temperature by 10 degrees can feel quite dramatic. I remember going to bed with a hot water bottle at my feet, multiple sweatshirts and blankets, a toque on my head and still struggling to get comfortable. We had a water spout outside our house that leaked and some mornings we would find an icicle hanging from it.

photo 1 (17)

Cozy bedtime stories

This time around I was a little more prepared, especially knowing I’d have kids to keep warm. The boys all go to bed in fleece PJs and we splurged on heaters that we use when necessary. They venture off to school in trousers (we have to say “trousers” because “pants” means underwear here), sweatshirts (knows as jerseys) and toques. I brought some wool shirts, big sweaters and fuzzy slippers. Yesterday was our coldest day yet. July can be quite cloudy and windy and it was rare that we saw the sun peak out. I wear flip flops virtually every day here but yesterday was the first where my socks stayed on all day. After hours on the clothesline, my laundry still wasn’t dry.

photo 2 (14)

Ready for the day

Although it can be hard to warm up, we don’t actually mind. In just a few months we will be in the peak of hot season back to constant sweating. When it’s cold we can always wrap ourselves in one more blanket, but there’s only so much relief from the heat especially when power cuts prevent our fans from working. Just as those of you back home welcome the warm weather after enduring a long winter, we are enjoying the treat of jeans and sweatshirts, warm soup and hot chocolate. When I catch myself complaining I quickly remember what is to come and how short these few months are in our otherwise hot climate. Happy summer!


2 thoughts on “But Africa isn’t cold!

  1. Hi Julianne,
    Thanks for the birthday wishes. You are in the cold season now and we are in for a het we for the next three day at the mid 40 Celsius range with the humidity. I would love some of those cool days that you are having especially at night for sleeping. The boys look happy and healthy as do you and Joel from the pictures you send.

    There has been a lot of changes at Briarwood for the coming year. Joan, Christine, Kim and Darla (retiring) have left because of Stuti, but ere have been a total of 14 staff that have left since she has been at Briarwood. So sad! There are other changes too, Mary will be teaching grade 5, Yolanda grade 4 and Brittany will be teaching French. Lots of changes, but at least I have in my pocket is that I can retire anytime. I’m still having fun teaching and I’ll stay for as long as I can because of the kids. I’ll wait and see what the assignment for the following year will be.

    Well that’s the news from Mississauga, wishing you warmth.

  2. Hey JJs.
    Dan N Julia Sending our warmest greetings from about 37° in Oakville. We just celebrated our third anniversary with a couple who were celebrating their 60th. Quite wonderful To be witnessing the freshness of their love for each other and learning together. We love hearing from you all and seeing the precious photos of you looking healthy and wonderful as ever. We celebrate the work of the Lord is doing in your lives as an extension of our inner circle. We enjoy being part of the wonderful ministry God has given us all by his mercy. Let Joel know he is greatly missed at sporting events. Looking forward to the NCAA final together again soon. I will be speaking at pioneer camp this week in British Columbia and I’m enjoying a relaxed we can Victoria right now. Julia and I will both be at a little Baptist camp in Goderich Ontario called Hermosa next week in ministry together. Thank you for your prayers! Love you so much! Dan and Julia

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