Zimbabwe Part 1: Hwange

A little over a week and a half ago, we set out on a little trip to Zimbabwe, a few hours drive from where we are in
Zambia. The main purpose of the trip was to attend the annual retreat for BIC global workers in the region, but since Julianne and I lived in Zimbabwe eight years ago, we decided to take advantage of being there and extend our stay a little. We had an incredible time — visiting friends and returning to some of our favourite spots in a country we love so much.

Now we are back home, suitcases are unpacked, laundry is done, and we have had a chance to go through the many photos taken on the trip.

So buckle up folks, it’s Zimbabwe week here on our blog. First stop is Hwange National Park, on a game drive with the crew from the BIC retreat. Here are some photos from the day…





Chris climbs on top of the truck for a better view.



Hwange Family_01


4 thoughts on “Zimbabwe Part 1: Hwange

  1. Thank you for sharing those beautiful pictures! They express more than words ever could!
    We have never met personally, but I pray for you. In addition, I was on the recent BIC trip to help work on the Maone Centre, so Earl is now more than just a familiar face. And I must say, his pose speaks volumes of this enthusiasm for life!
    Thanks for a glimpse into your mission field, your little steps of obedience have lead you to a great destination.

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