Third Trimester Update

In Da Belly_01

28 weeks

It is hard to believe that I have entered the third and final trimester of growing our little Zambino inside me. I would be lying if I said it wasn’t a challenge being pregnant here, but overall things have gone smoothly and I continue to be amazed on a daily basis that this is really happening. I am so grateful for the unexpected chance to experience this all again and most importantly for a new life to be joining our family.

After much prayer and many discussions with doctors here in Macha and friends in the medical field back home, we have made the difficult decision to come back to Canada to give birth.

When we arrived at Macha, our plan was to give birth here. But like many parts of this adventure, things do not always go as planned. As we have processed the decision as a couple and with our leadership at BIC Canada, it has become clear that the wisest choice is for us to return to Canada for the delivery. Complications with our international insurance coverage and the fact that two key doctors will be away during the time around our due date have made our choice obvious, though not easy.

We plan to be in Canada by mid-June and will stay most of the summer. My due date is July 18th. Timing of our flight to Canada is determined by how late the airlines will let me fly while pregnant; our return to Zambia will depend on my recovery as well as how quickly we can get a passport for the baby.

Leaving our new community so soon after settling here will be hard. Our boys are enjoying school, and we are both just hitting our stride in our roles here. But even if the timing is not ideal, in the long run we believe this will feel like a blip in our total time here in Zambia. And what a blip it will be — welcoming the newest member of the Percy family into the world and (let’s be honest) putting smiles on the faces of some grandparents who thought it would be a lot longer before they saw their grandsons again.

We will keep you posted with more details as our return to Canada approaches. In the meantime, thank you so much for your prayers and continued support.


11 thoughts on “Third Trimester Update

  1. Well I’ve been praying that you guys have clarity..and it seems you’ve come to a great decision.  Is there anything you guys are needing specifically as you prepare to come home? If you’re renting a place or something do you need any furniture or kitchen stuff. While I can totally understand how this “blip” is challenging for you guys…selfishly, I’m kinda glad you’ll be home so we can have a visit! Continuing to pray for you both.Peace to you guys.Christa

    • Thanks Christa. We’ll be living at my parents’ place in Port Credit so good for household stuff. Will mostly be in need of baby items which I’ll likely do a separate post about, either here or on FB, once I figure out our list. Most of our stuff has been passed on.

  2. Thanks for your update. You look great Julie! Life is so full of twists & turns…but when we are in God’s plan it is so reassuring. I am sure that your extended family is so very excited to have you close for the summer. Roy & I will keep you all in our prayers. God bless you…..Pat Kunkel

  3. Julianne you look wonderful! So glad that everything is going well and that the boys are enjoying life. I know it’s a hard decision to come back to Canada, but it’s the way it’s meant to be in His mind where you and the baby will be safe and cared for. I also know ( as a grandparent myself), that your parents and Joel’s will be absolutely thrilled to have you home and be able to bond with the newest member of the Percy family. Wishing you all the best and hopefully we’ll see you before you go back. Take care,

  4. Julianne – You look so happy and beautiful ; ) Thank you for sharing this update! Keeping you in my prayers! xo

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