One of the things I have been looking forward to about living on campus is being part of life with the boarding kids. The building we live in is also shared with the boys and girls dorms so they truly are our neighbours. Caleb and Micah have gotten more comfortable greeting them as they pass by our veranda several times a day. We had been talking about the idea of eating supper with the boarding kids one night a week as they will become our extended family here. So after two weeks of settling into life on campus, tonight was night number one. I was a bit hesitant as they eat nshima every night, which is the staple food in Zambia. It is made with maize flour (cornmeal) and has the consistency of stiff mash potatoes. It is often served with a side or two, referred to as the relish . Tonight’s was beef and cabbage. Joel and I ate it often in Zimbabwe (called ‘sadza’ there) and enjoyed it. We tried to prepare the boys ahead of time as we attempt to do with every new experience here, but to be honest I wasn’t expecting them to like it. But to our surprise they both ate it up and even went back for seconds. They are on their way to becoming true Zambians and I’m thankful that the staple meal isn’t a barrier to them getting to know the community around them. Not every day is easy, but it is truly amazing to see how well they are adapting and embracing their new life.


Micah gives it a try


Caleb is a fan


Family dinner


Games after dinner


One thought on “Nshima

  1. yummo! Makes me hungry some some good Zambian food and conversation. Please say hi to Rev. Levy Soko and Bishop when you see them. Also, greetings to the Spurriers and Sanfillipoes. So glad the boys are enjoying it all so much!

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