An Update & An Opportunity

Somehow it’s already been a year since the twins and I were getting ready to return to Macha. While I talked to many about my trip on our return, I realized I never gave an update here as I’m out of the blogging habit. To sum it up, we had an incredible time. It was wonderful to reconnect with everyone we love there including the staff and students of MICS. What was most meaningful to me was seeing how quickly the boys fit right back into life there. Within minutes of stepping foot on the school property, they had rejoined their class and it was like they never left. And saying goodbye again was especially hard knowing that their class was graduating at the end of the year and would be moving to many different secondary schools. After a few extra challenging years I remember walking the dirt roads of Macha and feeling like I was coming back to life a little. It was good for my soul and I’m grateful it happened, especially since we didn’t know if it would right up until the last day, thanks to Covid.

My return to MICS, led to me joining the board of the school in June of last year. Since then I’ve been doing my best to contribute from afar having many conversations with staff and other board members, working through the various challenges of helping MICS to continue running smoothly. But in recent weeks I’ve felt the growing sense that it was time to return to see how I can best support those working so hard to provide a quality education to Zambian children. I’m happy to say I will be heading back from March 19 to April 2nd. I’m so grateful for these opportunities and that my current job as a supply teacher gives me the flexibility to make a trip like this possible. Unfortunately all my boys will be staying behind this time. 

In September of last year, our deputy head teacher, Mr. Miyanda, left MICS to go work at a nearby government primary school. He taught our boys for two years and I had the pleasure of working with him on our administrative team. With his energy and creativity in teaching, anyone is lucky to learn from him. He wanted to use his abilities and the skills he learned at MICS to help other local children. The school was opened a few years ago by the community and Mr. Miyanda has told me that the school has a lot of potential to grow and the interest of the learners is high but the big challenge is their lack of resources. There are seven teachers (three of whom are volunteers) doing their best to educate over four hundred students with what they have. I would love nothing more than to bless them with a few suitcases of books and learning resources to help these kids grow in their education.

Mr. Miyanda sharing his phonics knowledge with his new colleagues.

So with that comes an opportunity to help. If you’d like to be involved in contributing to the school, I’ve created another Amazon wish list of resources. All you have to do is purchase the items and they can be shipped directly to me (Just choose that option at check-out). I just ask that you do this as soon as possible and in the next few days would be super helpful as my timeline is tight. You can find the list here. I know these supplies will be put to good use. And if anyone nearby has a medium or large hard-sided suitcase you are willing to part with to help get things there, please get in touch. I have been blown away by the generosity of this community in the past and I appreciate you considering being a part of this initiative. My passion is for kids to get the life-changing education they deserve, whether at MICS or another great school. Thanks for your continued love, prayers and support in helping to educate some incredible kids in a place close to our hearts.   

Mr. Miyanda’s new classroom. They currently borrow a chalkboard from the local church that they return every weekend.
Small group work.

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