Gratitude with a Side of Covid

I am overwhelmed at the response to my last post requesting donations to send to MICS. In less than a day pretty much all the items had been purchased and twice more I added new ones, only to be quickly gone again. I had several people mention they wanted to help but when they got there the list was empty. More chances in future, I promise! I wish I could take unlimited luggage with me but it’s a good problem to have. Thank you so much to everyone who bought items. To those who included your names, I’ve tried to reach out individually (a few I don’t have contact info for… sorry!). There were an equal amount of anonymous gifts so if that was you, know that your generosity is much appreciated. I am so thankful to have a corner of my basement full of awesome resources ready to be packed.

Speaking of packing, preparing for this trip feels a little more complicated as of a few days ago. Unfortunately on Sunday I tested positive for Covid and everyone else in the family has since had mild to moderate symptoms. After avoiding it for almost two years, it’s pretty crummy timing. I have gone through a range of emotions including disbelief, sadness and frustration. I had my last day of work on Friday and planned to hunker down and get ready in the coming weeks, but realizing I couldn’t smell a thing on Sunday afternoon, I knew I likely had it. As a funny side note, I was actually at Value Village getting a few clothes for this trip and when I came home I realized I hadn’t smelled that musty-clothing-thrift-store smell that can be so overwhelming. What followed was a fun game of my children giving me smelly crayons and candles and shouting in amazement that I couldn’t smell a thing. Thankfully, my sense of smell is returning already.

In order to get into Zambia we need negative PCR tests and that will be the tricky part. I know Covid can linger in your system but also know people who have tested negative after being infected, in the timeframe we need. Our symptoms were fairly mild so I’m praying that along with some divine grace, we will still be able to go. For some reason the phrase “rebellious hope” keeps going through my mind. I think for my sanity as we also endure isolation, I need to believe this can still happen. Our test is scheduled for March 12, the day before we are set to depart. I have waited so long and nothing would make me happier than the wait to finally be over. Thanks for the love, generosity and prayers and I will keep you posted!

The first wish list haul that arrived at my door last week.

3 thoughts on “Gratitude with a Side of Covid

  1. Glad to hear you received what you needed and sorry about Covid. Gods timing is perfect. We are waiting on our third grand any to be born as we speak. They had Covid too and it’s been a difficult couple of weeks. We’re just thankful. Brian and Ashley can be together today for the birth. We are praying for negative tests on the 12th! -Steve&Debbie W

  2. Julianne,

    My heart goes out to you and the boys as you prepare for your long-anticipated trip to your “other” home. What bad luck that you have all come down with Covid – mild symptoms, nonetheless. I am keeping you in my heart and mind as you prepare and take the dreaded test….. I am sure a little guardian angel will be watching over you!

    I too would love to donate but find myself woefully late to the game! Please let me know if there are any last-minute items I can order and get to you before you go.

    Wishing you and the family well,


    P.S. Submitted my retirement letter-last day is June 30th 🙂


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    Special Education Resource Teacher (SERT)
    Mississauga Field Office (MFO)
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