Zambia will be our home a little longer…

Celebrating Canada Day in Macha

It is hard to believe that it was a little over three years ago that we began to share publicly about our plans to move to Zambia. At dessert nights, over coffee, or between Sunday services at church we began to share with people about a little school in rural Zambia and the adventure our family was about to undertake there.

Now, three years later, that little school has become home. Our kids have gotten bigger (and a lot better at soccer). We have added a new member to our family who is, unbelievably, almost two years old. We have taken on new roles at the school. And just as we were three years ago when all this got rolling, we are so thankful for the amazing support we have received from family and friends.

Many of you know that our original plan was to serve here in Zambia for three years. Now, after much thought and discussion and prayer, we have decided to stay a little longer. We will be extending our term by a little more than a year, staying throughout 2018 and moving back to Canada in early 2019.

Although it is hard to be away from family and friends in Canada,  we are excited to be able to carry on the work we are doing here and continue to serve with the fantastic team at MICS.

Of course, our extended timeline means we will need continued financial support from those who have given so generously to allow us to serve here. For those who currently support us financially, we will be in touch soon to share with you how you can continue giving or, if needed, make a change to your support. If you are not currently supporting us but would like to make a contribution, please contact us at and we can give you all the information you need.

Thanks again to all of you for your continued prayers and support!


2 thoughts on “Zambia will be our home a little longer…

  1. Great to get news Julianne. Gladly we will continue our support for you each month.Let us know if we have to do anything else.

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