There are big changes happening at MICS. Earlier this week we announced to staff, students and parents that MICS Directors Gil and Ronda Krause will be retiring. It is hard to overstate the contribution the Krauses have made to the school. Ten years ago they started the school with a small group of Grade 1 students. Today, MICS has nearly 200 students, a full boarding program, and has consistently delivered top-notch results on national exams. But it goes beyond that. During their time here in Macha they have touched many lives. You could see it on the teachers’ faces when they heard the announcement. Many of them have been at MICS for years and were no doubt remembering how the Krauses have supported them and invested in them over the years. They are not just losing their school Directors. They are losing two friends.

This transition brings changes for us too. With the departure of the Krauses, Julianne and I have been asked to step in and fill the gap. As of next week, I will be taking on the role of School Director. Julianne will also be taking on an expanded role, working closely with our Head Teacher, Cynthia Mweene, in providing mentoring and leadership for the teaching staff. We will serve in these new roles until our three year commitment ends in December 2017. We are both excited to continue working with the great team at MICS to give kids in the Macha area the outstanding education they deserve.


MICS Directors Gil & Ronda Krause


5 thoughts on “Changes

  1. What a wonderful challenge for you both.Will continue partner with you in this exciting , important and rewarding endeavour.Love you.

  2. Wonderful to hear of such faithfulness and progress – we remember the school!
    Also great to know you will be part of next steps, offering personal care and hope, and preparing young lives for development and possibilities for the future.
    Well done – prayers!

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