Last Thursday Nathaniel and I boarded a plane in Livingstone and 32 hours later, landed in Toronto and showed up at my parents’ front door. My parents were celebrating their 45th anniversary and my mom is about to have a significant birthday. After going back and forth for awhile, and with the help of a few generous people, I decided to put my fears of travelling alone with a baby aside, and book a ticket to celebrate with my family. While a few of them were in the loop, it’s been fun to surprise many people with our visit.

I’ll be in Canada for a total of two weeks before going back to start term three. It’s already been a fantastic time catching up with family and good friends and re-introducing Nathaniel to people he last saw when he was 7 weeks old. Joel, Caleb and Micah are holding down the fort back in Macha. We miss them dearly but they are keeping busy with their own version of the Olympics, lots of soccer games and many Lego creations. After a season of really missing my Canadian home and especially my family, I’m very thankful for the chance to be here with them.


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