One thing I miss about life in Canada is how different each of the seasons are. There is something that seems almost magical, when the transition happens from one season to the next. The beauty of the leaves turning colour and falling to the ground (my favourite!), the first snowfall blanketing the earth in white, the first hints of warm weather and new life after the chill of winter, the first time it’s actually hot enough to jump in a pool. Each season is so distinct and has its own beauty.

It’s evident from friends’ posts on Instagram and Facebook that spring has arrived back in Canada. Photos are popping up of sunshine and short-sleeves. There is talk of barbecues, and patio furniture and gardening. I admit I’m a bit jealous.

We are starting to change seasons here in Zambia too, but it is far less dramatic. Rainy season is coming to an end and the cooler season is approaching. Temperatures dropping to the low twenties (Celcius) mean sweatshirts and socks which are a welcome change after the extreme heat. It is becoming easier to do laundry as the dark skies no longer threaten in the late afternoon causing us to rush to the clothesline and hang things all over the house. The green that surrounds us will fade to brown, the earth will dry up and the dust will return.


Dark clouds threatening to add an extra rinse cycle

While things warm up for most of you, they are cooling down for us and sometimes the difference is a reminder of just how far one home is from the other. But, I am thankful for seasons as they are a symbol of new beginnings, a fresh start, a chance to grow and change into something new. There is beauty and a sense of anticipation in the transformation and I welcome the change.


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