End of the School Year

Two weeks ago we finished our last term of the school year. It was a busy time for everyone with the Christmas program, report cards and end of year activities. MICS experienced a great deal of growth in the 2015 school year. We went from around 140 students when we arrived to 176 at the end of November. Some classes now have waiting lists as we’ve capped class sizes to help maintain a high quality of education. It’s exciting to be part of a school that is having a growing influence in the Macha community.


School Photo 2015_01

MICS 2015

The boys finished Reception (like kindergarten) and will be moving on to grade one in January. They are excited to be moving to the classroom block where the big kids are. Mommy is a bit sad that she won’t be able to spy on them from our veranda during break time. We’ve now begun a seven week term break before the new school starts in the middle of January. While there is work to be done, it’s a slower pace and quieter. We are enjoying extra time as a family and looking forward to a trip to Livingstone in just over a week.


Reception  17 photos

Reception class in early 2015


Reception class in November. Amazing growth!


One thought on “End of the School Year

  1. Congratulations on the growth. That is amazing! Enjoy your seven week break. Merry Christmas and all the best in 2016!
    Lisa Tutty

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