Zimbabwe Part 3: Shumba Shaba

We could not return to ZimbShumba Shaba Blog_05abwe without going to Shumba Shaba. Set atop a massive rock formation in the hills of Matopos it is, quite simply, the most beautiful place either of us has ever been. The lodge is run by Denis and Sandy Paul, who are the warmest and most gracious hosts you could ask for. The chalets are perched on the side of the rock, each with a back wall of bare rock and a front window that gives you a spectacular view of the sunrise without needing to get out of bed. Stand outside on the rock at night and you can see stars not just above you, but also straight ahead and for 360 degrees around you. The only way I can think to describe it is that it’s like a planetarium, except that is the wrong waShumba Shaba Blog_03y around. This is the thing that planetariums (planetaria?) are meant to imitate.

The boys had a wonderful time exploring and clambering over the rocks. Julianne and I enjoyed the delicious food and breathtaking view. A place like this is, of course, a photographer’s paradise. A few favourite shots below…


Shumba Shaba_01

Shumba Shaba_05

Shumba Shaba_04 Shumba Shaba_09

Shumba Shaba_07

Shumba Shaba_02


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