It’s Moving Day!

It’s here. The day we’ve been waiting for, for over a month since our arrival. We are moving to Macha! As I write this, Jamie and Joel are there dropping off a van full of luggage and groceries. In a few short hours we will all be on our way. Our family will be moving to our house on campus as it’s already empty and the Sanfilippo’s will be in a house closer to the hospital until theirs is ready. Prayers are appreciated that things go smoothly so they can finally move home as soon as possible and that the well will be finished quickly. In the mean time we will do our best to use as little water as possible but are thankful for good rains that have helped.


We are incredibly grateful for our friends Joleen and Bruce who have opened up the Nahumba guest house to us for over three weeks. It has been good to be among friends in a comfortable setting and get to know the town of Choma where the majority of our shopping will be done. But when it comes to Africa, I’m a bush girl and can’t wait to get there. And more importantly I am eager to start settling and begin our work to serve at MICS. That is why we’re here. The boys will likely start school tomorrow and begin their normal routine.


While we’ve been in Zambia for over a month, in some ways today feels like day one. We are thankful for the prayers, emails and messages of  encouragement that have helped us through this challenging month. We still need them as we adjust to our everyday life in Macha and look forward to keeping you updated on our next set of adventures. Twalumba!


4 thoughts on “It’s Moving Day!

  1. Just so thrilled for you guys! I know this is a bid day and the inauguration of so much good stuff! Praying for it all! … ( I’m a bush girl too!)

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