Next Stop…Choma

It has been a good week. Last Saturday we arrived in Lusaka in the pouring rain and, with a few breaks to tend to the needs of sleep-deprived children, managed to load our luggage onto a flatbed truck and make it to the guest house where we were staying. Seven days later, the jet lag is gone, the luggage has dried out, and everyone is rested and ready for the next leg of the journey.

It was not the plan to spend a full week here. But with some details still to work out about our housing at MICS, and some trusted friends advising us not to travel during the days surrounding Zambia’s recent national election, it made sense to extend our stay a little.

It has been a great place to transition to life in Zambia — a “soft landing” as one guest here put it. There is a swimming pool at the guest house, a luxury we certainly won’t have in Macha. The boys have been able to watch airplanes take off and land at the nearby airstrip. And none of us is complaining about taps that always seem to have water in them, power that is (almost) always on, and reliable and relatively fast wifi.

But, for all that, we are ready to move on. Today we make the five hour trip to Choma, which is the nearest town to where we will eventually live, and which will be our base for the next week or more. Julianne and I were on this road in 2005, and back then it was in brutal shape, with potholes that would swallow your pickup truck in a single gulp. But these days the road is paved the whole way, and the drive should be relatively smooth. The next time you hear from us, we will be at Nahumba guest house in Choma, and one step closer to our eventual home in Macha. Until then…


One thought on “Next Stop…Choma

  1. Great to hear from you Joel..and that all is going well with your travels. God go with you in the last leg of your travels…keeping you in my prayers. xopat

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